Driving and Speed Limits in Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville can be accessed by two highways: I-10 and I-95. Although there are also another means of transport in the city, having a car is still the best option. Parking in Jacksonville is usually available. There are the good old fashioned parking meters on the streets working on coins (quarters) only - 25c per 30 minutes of parking.

Speed limits in Jacksonville, Florida

Freeway (rural)70 mph
Freeway (urban)60 mph
Divided (rural)65 mph
Undivided (rural)60 mph
County (rural)55-60 mph
Residential (urban)30 mph

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Parking in Jacksonville, Florida

Toll Roads in Jacksonville, Florida

Alcohol limit in Jacksonville, Florida

0.08% BAC limit
Under 21 zero alcohol tolerance
No open alcoholic beverages in the car

Cellphone use in Jacksonville, Florida

Most US States forbid the use of cell phones without hands free controls - the driver can not even hold the phone while driving - no texting, no phone calls, it's against the law. Always check with your car rental provider about the actual situation during your car pick up.

Use of Headlights in Jacksonville, Florida

you have to use your headlights:

- from sunset till sunrise

- when you use your wipers

- during certain weather conditions - e.g. cloudy, snowy, rain, foggy...

Child seats rules in Jacksonville, Florida

The car seat regulations are quite complex and almost each US State has a different law.
Generally - Kids should use child seat or booster (depends on weight and height) until age 7 (incl.).
Children bellow age 13 should sit in the backseat.

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