Driving and Speed Limits in Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver has a many one-way streets and driving there without a GPS navigation or a good map can be really frustrating.

If you need to leave your personal items in your rented vehicle, get a special insurance. Anyway, try to avoid leaving any valuables in the car as theft is not unheard of in Vancouver.

Parking in Vancouver gets more and more complicated as you approach the city center - there are some downtown areas where you may just not find a parking place during the day.

Congestions are unavoidable during the peak hours, one notorious place being the Lion's Gate.

Speed limits in Vancouver, Canada

Speed in town40-60 km/h
Outside built-up areas/Highways60-80 km/h
Expressways/Motorways70-100 km/h

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Speed limit is 110

Parking in Vancouver, Canada

Toll Roads in Vancouver, Canada

Alcohol limit in Vancouver, Canada

Don't drink & drive.

Cellphone use in Vancouver, Canada

Don't use cellphone when driving.

Use of Headlights in Vancouver, Canada

Child seats rules in Vancouver, Canada

Always use child seats when driving.

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