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One Way Car Rental - how to find the best deal

One way car rentals can be a very practical solution if you buy an open-jaw air ticket and want to arrive at one destination and depart from another.

Good news - one way rentals between Orlando and Miami during November 2014 start at $164 for weekly hire or just $33 daily rate (no one way fees!) - check for details in the comparison engine.

You can also find deals without one way fees between Ft Lauderdale and Orlando or Tampa and Miami.

We list rentals in California without drop off fees - Los Angeles to San Francisco or LAX to San Diego plus other locations in California - find out more in the comparison engine.


Some car rental companies offer much better conditions for one way rentals, namely no drop-off fees. Such companies (AVIS and National, to name just two of them) have higher daily rates and sometimes no unlimited mileage to balance the lack of drop-off fees, so you always need to calculate what is the cheapest way of renting.

Check also with brokers, they usually offer better rates than car rental companies directly.

Generally, the greater the distance, the higher the drop-off fee. In the USA, the fee usually increases once you cross the state border.

You may find special deals for one way rental during certain months of the year - esp when the companies want to return cars back to their original/home destinations - e.g. seasonal moving to/from Florida etc... Some companies also offer special coupons for one way rentals.

These rentals are especially expensive in Europe. The cheapest way of renting a car in Europe with different return location is to rent between the large airport hubs, like Frankfurt-Paris, Amsterdam-Paris, Vienna-Frankfurt etc. On the other hand, renting between two relatively close cities across national borders (even within the EU) can cost several hundred or even more than a thousand USD.

Rentals with different return location - between two distant European cities can cost as much as $2,500 just on drop-off fees.

If you are looking for One-way rental in FLORIDA or CALIFORNIA with no drop-off fee (e.g. from Miami to Orlando), you may check Thrifty car rental, as according to their terms from their website: "One-way rentals are available free within Florida and California and between any two participating Corporate locations in California, Arizona and Nevada. Inquiries should be made with respect to any other one-way rentals and applicable supplemental charges". You can compare Thrifty one-way car rental with other companies in the above comparison engine.

BUDGET Car rental also states their no-drop-off fees for one-way rentals - check the rates in the above form

(read well the conditions of each deal, as there can be some restrictions or exclusions).


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